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  Computers Menu

Computers Menu
The Computers Menu allows to:

Add button - add a new remote computer to your list,
Edit button - edit a computer entry,
Delete button - delete a computer entry,
Search button - perform a search MAC address computers in your LAN,
Stop button - stop searching computers,
Up buttonDown button - move up and down computer entries in your list.

The Add/Edit command invokes the following form.
Add/Edit window
The entries are:

Computer name - any name in your list,
MAC address - 48-bit MAC address of a remote computer,
SecureOn password (optional) - 6 byte password in hexadecimal form if your BIOS supports this feature,
Broadcast address, or Router host name or IP address - LAN broadcast IP address, or a remote router IP address,
Port number - ports 7, 9 in case of LAN, or any other,
Local IP address - select a local IP address if your computer has more than one network adapter, including VPN and virtual machine adapters. The question mark hint shows description of selected network adapter.

The Search command invokes the following form.
Search window
The entries are:

IP address range - IP addresses in your LAN,
Broadcast address - default broadcast IP address,
Port number - default port number.

The Stop searching command interrupts the search process:
Searching MAC addresses
When you select Yes the new computers will be added to you list.

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