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  NetFlow2SQL Explorer
    Query Result
  NetFlow2SQL Explorer - Query Result
Query Result window shows data sheet of fetched rows from selected table.
Its toolbar includes the following navigation buttons:
    NetFlow2SQL Explorer - Go to first row - Go to first row,
NetFlow2SQL Explorer - Go to previous row- Go to previous row,
NetFlow2SQL Explorer - Go to next row- Go to next row,
NetFlow2SQL Explorer - Go to last row - Go to last row,
NetFlow2SQL Explorer - Jump to a specified row- Jump to a specified row,
NetFlow2SQL Explorer - View Columns- View Columns button opens the below window which allows to select columns,
NetFlow2SQL Explorer - Columns
NetFlow2SQL Explorer - Show Port Names - Show Port Names button shows or hides assigned port names according the IANA site:
NetFlow2SQL Explorer - Export button - Export button allows to save fetched rows into Excel compatible .csv or .xls files. The number of rows must be less than 65535.
  The status bar shows:

- name of selected table,
- number of fetched rows,
- total packets,
- total bytes.

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