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  Description - Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection - General settings

General settings and Microsoft RDP file parameters:

Host name or IP address of the remote computer: full address,

Port: port,

Use name: username,

Password: password,

Domain: domain,

Authentication: authentication level.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection - Display settings

Display settings and Microsoft RDP file parameters:

Choose the size of your remote desktop: screen mode id, desktopwidth, desktopheight,

Maximized, Using coordinated: winposstr,

Use all my monitors for the remote session: use multimon,

Colors: session bpp,

Display the connection bar when I use the full screen: displayconnectionbar.

Notes: if you want to setup a windowed remote session, add additional 30-40 pixels to "Right" and "Bottom". This allows to show the window without scrollbars.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection - Local Resources settings

Local Resources settings and Microsoft RDP file parameters:

Remote audio playback: audiomode,

Remote audio recording: audiocapturemode,

Keyboard: keyboardhook,

Local devices and resources: redirectprinters, redirectclipboard, redirectsmartcards, redirectcomports, devicestoredirect, drivestoredirect.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection - Programs settings

Programs settings and Microsoft RDP file parameters:

Program path and file name: alternate shell,

Start in the following folder: shell working directory.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection - Experience settings

Experience settings and Microsoft RDP file parameters:

Choose your connection speed to optimize performance: connection type,

Desktop background: disable wallpaper,

Font smoothing: allow font smoothing,

Desktop composition: allow desktop composition,

Show window contents while dragging: disable full window drag,

Menu and window animation: disable menu anims,

Themes: disable themes,

Persistent bitmap caching: bitmapcachepersistenable,

Reconnect if the connection is dropped: autoreconnection enabled,

Maximum number of reconnections: autoreconnect max retries.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection - RD Gateway settings

RD Gateway settings and Microsoft RDP file parameters:

Connection settings radio buttons and Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses: gatewayusagemethod, gatewayprofileusagemethod,

Server name: gatewayhostname,

Logon method: gatewaycredentialssource,

Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer: promptcredentialonce.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection - Advanced settings

Advanced settings and Microsoft RDP file parameters:

Use the administrative session: administrative session,

Disable Ctrl+Alt+Del on the remote computer: disable ctrl+alt+del,

Disable bulk compression: compression,

Disable security layer negotiation: negotiate security layer,

Disable CredSSP: enablecredsspsupport,

Don't redirect DirectX: redirectdirectx,

Don't use efficient multimedia streaming for video: videoplaybackmode,

Dynamically adjust audio quality (Default): audioqualitymode,

The connection bar is not pinned to the top: pinconnectionbar,

Smart sizing to fit the remote window: smart sizing,

Alternative address: alternate full address,

Workspace ID: workspace id,

Load-balancing info: loadbalanceinfo,

Use redirection server name: use redirection server name.

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